Yuliana Candra is an award-winning American Designer, who has showcased her luxury and avant-garde couture collections at New York Fashion Week, ELLE's Style360, and Couture Fashion Week. Her signature pieces have been presented at the Oscars, the Grammys, the ESPYs, and the Cannes Film Festival. Her designs have graced art, news, and fashion magazines regularly, including ELLE, WWD, Variety, Huffington Post, Le Pointe, and Femina.

Candra was chosen by Women’s Wear Daily Group and Paris’ Galleries Lafayette to present her Spring 2014 Collection at WWDMAGIC Designer Showcase in Las Vegas. She has recently been honored by Fashion Group International as one of the Top 20 Emerging American Designers.

Based in New York and San Francisco, Candra draws on her experience from growing up in three different continents and having logged an extensive travel diary of over 500 cities and 50 countries to create her unique collections. The signature handpainted fabrics of BlacMéra that are adopted from Candra’s lifelong travel photographs express brilliant oxymora. Rustic garage doors, crumbling ancient windows, dusty old kaleidoscope, a broken butterfly wing; are among prints depicting subjects of abandon that are transformed into luxurious textile and lavish garments. It is an art of capturing beautiful emotions out of notorious unpleasantness, simply her way of seeing beauty with a different lens.

She is known for her powerful and complex silhouettes combined with feminine lines and meticulous details. Candra's work has earned her accolades and strong followers in the US, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. A true couturier, her work exhibits dynamic emotions, stillness, strength, and vulnerability all on the same palette. She is the master of the yin's and yang's opposite attracts and the paradox of ideals. She is often inspired by architectures and period arts. Candra's design aesthetics is largely influenced by Valentino Garavani, Alexander McQueen, Cristóbal Balenciaga, and Coco Chanel.