The artistic direction of many films has given us a plethora of inspiration. Here is the list that inspired BlacMéra collection:
1. Black Swan
2. Guzaarish
3. In The Mood For Love
4. Coco Before Chanel
5. Memoirs of a Geisha
6. Devdas
7. The Last Emperor
8. The Tourist
9. Malèna
10. Sex and The City
Einstein took refuge in Mozart’s music after he discovered Mozart’s sonatas at the age of 13. Whenever he felt he had come to the end of the road in his work, he would play his violin passionately.
Einstein also empathized with Mozart's ability to continue to compose magnificent music even in very difficult and impoverished conditions. In 1905, the year he discovered relativity, Einstein was living in a cramped apartment and dealing with a difficult marriage and money troubles.
The best in arts, science and other disciplines sometime come from escaping the pressure of a complicated situation. Beauty is created as the outlet, as a tool to create a realistic fantasy.
Our creative team is no different. Music has inspired us to create some of our best work. We have compiled several inspirational playlists for you.
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Did you remember what you remembered most when you inserted your key, opened the door, and pushed your luggage handle in? Fast forward five years from that particular moment, do you remember now what you remembered then, in front of that door? We tend to forget some as soon as we arrived back home from our voyage. Then, a measurable span of time later, we tend to forget some more, and some more, and some more.

Capturing your travel experience is essential to preserve those otherwise the stolen moment of our memory. Your “been there” and “done that” are priceless. Each individual has his or her own way of preserving and reliving the experience.

Yuliana Candra, Founder, CEO, and Chief Designer of BlacMéra, did exactly just that. A seasoned traveler who has been to 333 cities in 33 countries in her early 30s when she founded BlacMéra in 2010, she chose to transfer her most precious travel memory to beautiful and unique wearable arts. Growing up in several different continents with the right amount of West infused with East mixed in a pile of North with a splash of South, Yuliana possesses a tremendous inspiration pool to enrich her creation. Each product represents a story, her story. The array of collection that you see on this site is her proof of living life to the fullest and her testimonial of a tremendous undertaking to appreciate and to revive the lost arts and the dying techniques in many cultures.

You will not find a BlacMéra product being any less than multidimensional. As Heinlein said, “specialization is for insects”. At BlacMéra we embrace our diversity and we transform the rich concept to amazing products.

Dancing with the Maasai warriors in their booma, stargazing on the Saharan sand dunes with a Berber tribal leader, chasing aurora borealis near frozen Reykjavik, tracing Art Nouveau history along Elizabetes Street in Riga, meeting the Maharani of Rajashtan, and tasting Gouda cheese on the verandah of spice plantation in the Moluccas… are the string of Yuliana’s best travel memories. Watch her journey and witness each of her quoted experience comes alive in her future collections.

Who can forget Audrey Hepburn's updo from Breakfast at Tiffany, Jackie O's pillbox hats, Twiggy's pixie cuts, Sophia Loren's signature cat's eyes, Marylin Monroe's signature halter dress from Seven Years Itch, Angelina Jolie's sexy siren mysterious look, or Madonna's and Lady Gaga's many transformations?

These unforgettable signature looks were spellbinding and embraced forever in the world of fashion and style. These women do not follow trends, instead they set trends by creating powerful looks that suited their individual persona. That's how they acquired their trademarked looks as "timeless classic".

BlacMéra encourages you to do the same. Invent your own iconic look and be the trendsetter. When you feel comfortable, grand, and amazing, then you've done it. Remember this, the wrong look punches you in the stomach and the right look gives you wings to fly.