Vision and Mission


To grow BlacMéra into a worldwide luxury brand that symbolizes the appreciation of high quality products, with a portfolio that expands from fashion to lifestyle encompassing luxurious living, creative adventures, innovative culinary, and opulent experience. This vision is inspired, supported, and guided by our core values and philosophy to be the brand of luxury... with a shot of humanity.


The BlacMéra Company exists to bring to market the most beautiful products, with designs inspired from centuries of preserved history of the world’s diverse cultures. Those who wear our timeless designs are embraced in this journey, captured in the moment.

Everything we do is dedicated to our commitment:

  •  To bring happiness and satisfaction to our clients
  •  To create beauty and to enrich the lives of those who create, and those who wear BlacMéra designs.
  •  To make a positive difference everywhere we set our footprint.